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Steelbird, we are a well-established manufacturer of automotive components for more than fifty years.
A futuristic vision has guided our years of success and helped us get to the top of our respective product categories. Today, we are the best among the automotive industry’s top choices for rubber, plastic, and filter components.
Steelbird is an esteemed name in the automotive components manufacturing industry. It has been driven by a penchant for achieving excellence in its domain of work for more than five decades. A futuristic vision has guided its path of success all these years to lead in product segments. Today, Steelbird is the first choice of the automotive industry for rubber components, filters, and plastic components. A well-known brand of automobile components supplying OEMs and leadership in the aftermarket Manufacturing setups covering more than 1,00,000 sq. Feet. Carpet area Plant in the vicinity of some of the biggest OEM plants in the country. Having a Strength of more than 900 employees. Distribution network of more than 5000 customers and 50 years of glorious experience.


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