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What are the significant roles and applications of O-Ring in two-wheelers and how does it work?

In two-wheelers, O-rings play several significant roles in ensuring proper functioning, reliability, and safety. Here are some key roles and application areas of O-rings in two-wheelers:

Sealing Engine Components:

O-rings are commonly used in various engine components to provide effective sealing. They help prevent the leakage of fluids, such as oil and coolant, ensuring that these substances remain intact and do not escape, which is crucial for the proper lubrication and cooling of the engine.

O-Ring in two-wheelers

Fuel System Seals:

O-rings are often used in the fuel systems of two-wheelers, such as in fuel injectors and fuel pumps. They provide a reliable seal to prevent fuel leaks and maintain the required pressure within the fuel system.

Gasket Seals:

O-rings are employed in gasket seals in various parts of the engine and other systems. This includes the cylinder head gasket, which is critical for maintaining compression within the engine and preventing the leakage of combustion gases.

Hydraulic Systems:

Two-wheelers, especially those with advanced braking systems, may use hydraulic components that require effective seals. O-rings are used in brake callipers, master cylinders, and other hydraulic components to prevent fluid leaks and ensure proper braking performance.

Shock Absorber Seals:

In the suspension system, O-rings are often used as seals in shock absorbers. These seals help maintain the integrity of the shock absorber, preventing oil leaks and ensuring consistent damping performance.

Air Intake System:

O-rings can be found in various parts of the air intake system, including the connection points between the air filter housing and the engine. They help maintain an airtight seal, preventing unfiltered air from entering the engine.

Cooling System Seals:

O-rings are used in the cooling system of two-wheelers, such as in the connections between hoses and radiator components. They prevent coolant leaks, ensuring efficient cooling of the engine.

Electrical Components:

In some cases, O-rings may be used to seal electrical components, such as connectors and sensors. This helps protect these components from moisture and contaminants, ensuring reliable electrical connections.

Vibration Damping:

O-rings may contribute to vibration damping in certain components. By providing a cushioning effect, they help reduce the impact of vibrations on sensitive parts.

Ease of Maintenance:

O-rings are often used in components that may require periodic maintenance or replacement. Their simple design and ease of installation make them convenient for service and repair tasks.

In summary, automobiles or vehicles are complex machines made up of many components, and one of those is oil ring. A two-wheeler engine uses O-ring as a vital component that contributes to proper lubrication, heat dissipation, sealing, and overall engine efficiency. It plays a key role in maintaining the balance between providing sufficient lubrication for moving parts and preventing excessive oil from entering the combustion chamber.

Steelbird, a leading name in the industry, has been manufacturing and marketing high-quality auto components for almost six decades. Established in 1964, Steelbird has a proven track record of delivering innovative and reliable products to its customers, aftermarket and OEMs across the globe and ensuring quality, safety and motoring delight.


Two Wheeler Autoparts Manufacturer

Steelbird is the leading auto components company, a leading manufacturer specializing in a wide range of essential automotive components. With their expertise and commitment to quality, they have become a trusted brand in the automotive industry. In this blog, we will explore the key components of the two wheeler Autoparts Manufacturer specializes in the 2-wheelers category like rubber dampers, gaskets, cush rubber, oil seals, bellows, and dust covers.

Rubber Dampers:

Rubber Dampers play a vital role in absorbing and minimizing vibrations in a vehicle’s engine, suspension, and body. Steelbird Rubber Dampers are crafted with precision to effectively reduce noise, vibrations, and harshness (NVH) levels, providing a comfortable and smooth ride. These dampers ensure stability, reduce wear and tear, and enhance the overall durability of the vehicle.


Gaskets are critical components that provide a tight seal between two mating surfaces to prevent fluid or gas leakage. Two wheeler Gaskets are designed using premium materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure optimal sealing performance in two-wheelers. Whether it’s the engine, transmission, or other systems. Two wheeler Gaskets offer reliability, durability, and prevent potential leaks that could lead to performance issues.

Cush Rubber:

Cush Rubber, short for cushioning rubber, is a material extensively used in automotive applications to absorb shocks and vibrations. Found in components like suspension systems, engine mounts, and bushings, cush rubber enhances ride comfort by isolating and dampening vibrations. It improves vehicle stability, minimizing noise and ensuring a smoother driving experience. With advanced machinery, manpower and methods.

Oil Seals:

Oil Seals are crucial for preventing lubricant leakage and keeping contaminants out of critical areas in the automotive system. Oil Seals are crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring excellent sealing properties and long-lasting performance. Whether its the engine, gearbox, or other rotating components. We ensures reliable protection by reducing friction and extending the lifespan of crucial parts.


Bellows, also referred to as dust boots or protective covers. It plays a vital role in safeguarding delicate components from dust, debris, moisture, and other external contaminants. Our bellows offers

  • reliable protection,
  • ensuring that sensitive parts such as steering joints, shock absorbers, and
  • suspension components remain free from damage and perform optimally.
  • It is used to the longevity and efficiency of the vehicle’s systems by preventing external contaminants from entering critical areas

    Dust Covers:

    Dust Covers, similar to bellows, provide shielding and protection against dust, dirt, and moisture. Steelbird’s Dust Covers are designed to fit snugly over various components like ball joints, tie rods, and control arms, safeguarding them from corrosion and premature wear. These covers ensure proper functionality and contribute to the overall safety and performance of the vehicle.


    With a specialization in a diverse range of Rubber Parts from rubber dampers, gaskets, cush rubber, to oil seals, bellows, and dust covers,Two Wheeler Auto-component Company has proven to be a reliable manufacturer of 3000+ automotive components. Steelbird International is a leading manufacturer and marketer of automotive components best known for high-quality products and innovative designs, backed by extensive research and innovation. Having been in business for 60 years and built a reputation for excellence in the industry. The commitment to quality, precision engineering, and expertise in these key components enhances vehicle performance, durability, and safety. Whether it’s reducing vibrations, sealing fluids, supporting the engine, or protecting critical parts, our components play a significant role in

  • Ensuring smooth and reliable operation on the road.
  • Ensuring a delightful motoring experience.
  • One can trust our expertise and products for exceptional automotive solutions.
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    Two Wheeler Lubricants

    What are the benefits of using synthetic lubricant?

    Synthetic lubricant offers many benefits over conventional lubricants. As a lubricant manufacturer, we believe that the advantages of using synthetic lubricants can have a significant impact on the performance, longevity, and efficiency of Two wheeler equipment.

    Here are some key benefits of using synthetic lubricant:

    • Better performance in extreme temperatures: Synthetic lubricants offer superior performance in both high and low temperatures compared to conventional lubricants. This ability to withstand extreme temperatures helps to reduce equipment wear and prolong the life of the lubricant.
    • Longer service life: Synthetic lubricants generally last longer than conventional lubricants, reducing the frequency of oil changes and saving on maintenance costs.
    • Enhanced protection: Synthetic lubricants offer superior protection and reduced wear due to better film strength and shear stability when compared to conventional lubricants, leading to improved equipment efficiency and longevity.
    • Improved fuel economy: Since synthetic lubricants offer less friction than conventional lubricants, they can improve fuel economy by reducing power loss and increasing energy efficiency.
    • Environmentally-friendly: Synthetic lubricants are more environmentally-friendly due to their low volatility, reduced emissions, and lower oil consumption rates. They also require less frequent oil changes, reducing waste and disposal requirements.

    In conclusion, Steelbird Two Wheeler synthetic lubricant offers many benefits for customers, who want to improve the performance, efficiency, and longevity of their Two wheeler equipment and reduce maintenance costs. By providing better protection, longer service life, and improved fuel economy, these advanced lubricants can help you stay competitive and sustainable in today’s environment.


    Autoparts in High Demand

    What types of two-wheeler spare parts are in high demand, and are there any specific brands or models that customers frequently request?

    In the two-wheeler spare parts industry, several types of spare parts are often in high demand, and specific brands or models may be frequently requested by customers.

    Rubber Parts: Rubber parts such as handlebar grips, footrest rubbers, and other rubber components are frequently requested by customers. High-quality rubber parts are essential for rider comfort and safety. Steelbird provides you the‘

    Bushes: Bushes, often used in suspension systems and engine mounts, are critical components. Customers often seek durable and reliable bushings for their two-wheelers to ensure a smooth and stable ride.

    Gaskets: Gaskets, including head gaskets and other engine gaskets, are commonly requested due to their role in preventing leaks and maintaining engine integrity.

    Cush Rubbers: Cush rubbers are vital for reducing vibrations and providing a cushioned ride. Customers often look for replacements to enhance ride quality.

    Bearings: Bearings, particularly wheel bearings, are high-demand items. Quality bearings are crucial for smooth wheel rotation and overall safety.

    Air Filters: Air filters are essential for maintaining engine performance and fuel efficiency. Customers often request specific air filter models or brands to ensure optimal filtration.

    Oil Filters: Oil filters are crucial for engine longevity. Customers frequently request oil filters to maintain the cleanliness and quality of their engine oil.

    Regarding Steelbird products, this brand is known for its quality and reputation in the market. Depending on the region and the availability of Steelbird products, customers may specifically request Steelbird Rubber Parts, Bushes, Gaskets, Cush Rubbers, Bearings, Air Filters, and Oil Filters and many other steelbird products are also high demanded in the market. The brand’s reputation for durability and performance can make these products highly sought after by customers who prioritize quality and reliability.

    It’s essential for mechanics and suppliers to stay up-to-date with customer preferences and stock popular brands like Steelbird to meet the demands of two-wheeler owners and enthusiasts.


    Clutch Kit

    What are the signs that a motorcycle’s clutch is in need of replacement, how can we perform a clutch replacement with Steelbird Clutch kit and makes bike’s clutch less damage?

    Recognizing the signs of a motorcycle clutch in need of replacement and knowing how to perform a clutch replacement is essential for maintaining your bike’s performance. Here are the signs of a worn-out clutch and steps for replacement.

    Signs of a Worn-out Motorcycle Clutch:

    Slipping Clutch: If you notice that the engine revs increase without a corresponding increase in vehicle speed, your clutch may be slipping. This is a common sign of clutch wear.

    Difficulty Shifting Gears: Difficulty or resistance when shifting gears, including gear grinding, can be indicative of clutch problems.

    Burning Smell: A burning smell, especially when you engage the clutch, can be a sign of excessive clutch plate friction and overheating.

    Clutch Lever Feel: A spongy or loose feel in the clutch lever can indicate problems with the clutch’s hydraulic system or cable.

    Performing a Motorcycle Clutch Replacement:

    Note: Clutch replacement can be a complex task. If you’re not experienced with motorcycle maintenance, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance. However, if you’re comfortable performing this task, here are the general steps:

    Tools and Materials You’ll Need:

    • Replacement clutch kit (including clutch plates, springs, and gasket if required)
    • Basic hand tools (wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers)
    • Motorcycle stand or lift
    • Drain pan
    • Torque wrench
    • Motorcycle-specific service manual

    Steps for Steelbird Clutch kit Replacement:

    • Prepare Your Workspace: Lift the motorcycle onto a stand or lift to access the clutch cover and components. Place a drain pan underneath the bike to catch any oil that may drain out.
    • Drain Engine Oil: Drain the engine oil from the motorcycle as per your bike’s manual.
    • Remove Clutch Cover: Carefully remove the clutch cover, exposing the clutch components.
    • Remove Old Clutch Components: Take note of the order and arrangement of clutch plates and springs. Remove the old clutch plates, springs, and any other components that need replacing.
    • Install New Clutch Components: Install the new clutch plates, springs, and any other included components in the correct order as specified in your bike’s manual.
    • Torque Bolts and Cover: Carefully torque the bolts on the clutch cover to the manufacturer’s specifications.
    • Refill Engine Oil: Refill the engine with the appropriate amount and type of oil according to your bike’s manual.
    • Test Ride: Take your motorcycle for a test ride to ensure the clutch is functioning correctly.

    Introduce Steelbird products, you can mention that Steelbird offers high-quality motorcycle maintenance and care products. You can use their motorcycle-specific lubricant oils to ensure optimal clutch performance and longevity. Steelbird products are known for their reliability and can be a valuable addition to your motorcycle maintenance toolkit.


    Steelbird brings to India SMART patented technology in Car Cabin Filters with Aromatic Sense, in partnership with A.L. Group of Israel

    “Steelbird brings to India SMART patented technology in Car Cabin Filters with Aromatic Sense, in partnership with A.L. Group of Israel.

    Steelbird, one of the leading names in the automotive industry, has partnered with A.L. Group of Israel to bring SMART patented technology in car cabin filters with aromatic sense to India. This innovative technology ensures that the air inside the car cabin is free of harmful pollutants, and is infused with a refreshing aroma, making the driving experience more pleasant and enjoyable.

    The SMART patented technology is designed to provide superior air filtration and purification, removing harmful pollutants and allergens from the air inside the car cabin. It uses a multi-stage filtration process to trap particles as small as 0.1 microns, including dust, pollen, and other allergens. The activated carbon layer in the filter helps to remove odors and harmful gases, while the HEPA filter removes 99.97% of airborne particles, ensuring clean and fresh air inside the car cabin.

    In addition to the superior air filtration, the car cabin filter also features an aromatic sense, which infuses the air inside the car with a refreshing aroma. This not only makes the driving experience more pleasant, but also helps to reduce stress and improve alertness while driving. The aromatic sense technology uses natural fragrances, which are safe and non-toxic, ensuring a healthy and safe environment inside the car cabin.

    The partnership between Steelbird and A.L. Group of Israel is a significant step towards providing Indian consumers with innovative and high-quality automotive products. The patented SMART technology is already widely used in the automotive industry in Europe and other parts of the world, and is now being introduced in India through this partnership. This is a great example of how technology and innovation”


    Right Engine Oils for Bikes

    When choosing the right engine oil for bikes, it is important to consider various factors, as it will ensure your motorcycle’s extended service life.

    Moreover, it will increase its mileage and provide better performance. Did you know that Engine Oil is an essential component of a motor vehicle? It reduces friction between the various moving parts of the engine and helps prevent wear and tear.

    Different types of bike engine oils are available in the market, such as Semi-synthetic, Synthetic, and Mineral. Each type has its properties, so choose one based on your needs.

    Bike engines must be oiled regularly to ensure optimum protection. Using the best available oil is therefore a good idea, as this can help reduce maintenance costs.

    Steelbird is a company that manufactures various types of best-quality automobile components, including Filters, Rubber parts, and many others over the past five decades.

    We recently launched a new line of lubricants products, including Two-wheeler Engine Oils, AP3 Grease, and Fork Oils. They are a part of the company’s quest to become a one-stop solution for all your automotive needs.

    Steelbird’s specially formulated 4T Engine Oils will not only improve the mileage but also extend the life of your bike. In addition, it will also keep your engine clean and prevent rusting. Also, our Synthesised Blend Two-wheeler Engine Oil will remain fluid in cold weather and improves wear protection. The oil will flow much faster to reach vital components, making your vehicle start quickly.

    Steelbird Engine Oils are the ideal lubricant keeping the Indian road and weather conditions in mind. It protects the engine of your bike or scooter from corrosion and improves its efficiency.

    Although engine oils are not widely used in India because of their high price. However, Steelbird has changed that trend also by giving better quality products in the most affordable price range. If you also want to grab one for your two-wheeler, kindly check our listings on the biggest online shopping platforms like Flipkart and Amazon.


    Two Wheeler Spare Parts Manufacturer

    Founded in 1964 by a father and son duo, Steelbird International is one of India’s leading manufacturers of automobile components.

    Steelbird manufactures car and bike filters, rubber parts, lubricants, tyres, and many other products and services for many vehicles. The company’s largest plant is in Pantnagar, Uttrakhand. A second plant is slated to be commissioned in Bangladesh in collaboration with the TVS group.

    We have a presence in more than 15+ countries across the globe. Steelbird manufactures two-wheeler spare parts (rubber and plastic), such as dust covers, O-rings, mats, rubber gaskets, dampers, oil seals, pick-up coils, Etc, used in a variety of automotive applications.

    The company is known for its forays into two-wheeler tyres, helmets, and safety equipment. Even though the company is well known for its helmets, it manufactures a range of other high-tech products such as engine oil, rubber and filter auto components, fork oil, and grease.

    The company has recently branched out into other areas, including auto bearings. Steelbird two-wheeler spare parts are a good value for money. They have a dedicated team of engineers working tirelessly to ensure they deliver the highest quality product possible.

    We also started a venture into Automotive Cyber Security. In March, Steelbird International announced a partnership with Cybellum Technologies, an Israel-based cybersecurity firm. Cybellum will help the company create a cybersecurity platform to protect its products from attacks.

    It will allow the company to offer compliance validation, product data management, and vulnerability management services. While the company focuses on its manufacturing capabilities in Bangladesh, it’s also looking to expand its network of touch points.

    To this end, Steelbird International has partnered with a local company, TVS Auto Bangladesh, to manufacture auto filters. The partnership will enable the company to manufacture products for all types of automobiles while facilitating retail and OEM growth in the country.

    The company also has plans to expand its presence in the auto sector and is eyeing the lucrative electric vehicle (EV) market. The company’s CEO expects a 30% increase in sales in the coming fiscal year.

    Its current product line includes over 3,000 products as well. In addition to tyres and filters, the company also manufactures two-wheeler horns and spark plugs in partnership with Hella, a German automotive manufacturer and supplier.

    Steelbird is one of the pioneers in manufacturing air filters. The company has been manufacturing air filters for cars, trucks, and other types of vehicles for more than 50 years. It is the country’s leading manufacturer of air filters.

    As India’s leading automotive components company, we have over 3000 products in our portfolio, including Filters, Rubber Parts, Tyres, Lubricants, Bearings, Horns and more.

    Steelbird has, for almost six decades, stood for excellence through its manufacturing facilities and research-driven innovation to achieve best-in-class product quality, design and delivery to the After-market and leading OEMs worldwide.

    As mentioned, Steelbird has a brand presence in various countries and across 5000+ retail points pan-India, built on solid relationships with channel partners.

    An IATF 16949 Certified & VDA Approved Company, also certified under ISO/TS 16949:2009; OHSAS 18001:2007; ISO 14001:2004; ISO 9001:2008, the Steelbird name translates into Safety and motoring delight for the customer.




    Steelbird Auto Parts Exporters India

    If you’re looking for a reputable and reliable auto parts exporter, place your trust in Steelbird – India’s leading automotive components manufacturer brand. This company has been in business for more than five decades and has expanded into various business areas.

    It has proven competence in manufacturing and marketing all kinds of Rubber Parts and Automotive Filters, with in-house manufacturing and certifications such as IATF 16949 among others. It has an unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality products and services while striving to create partnerships based on mutual benefits and integrity.

    The company is among the most reputed names in the automobile component manufacturing industry and has been on a quest to achieve excellence for more than five decades.
    Today, Steelbird leads its segments and is a preferred supplier of plastic,
    rubber, and filter products. Here are some of its star products:

    Steelbird produces Oil Filters, Rubber Moulded Parts, Air Filters, O Rings, and Fuel Filters for automobiles. The company has manufacturing facilities in India and abroad and has also set up a joint venture with TVS Auto Bangladesh.
    This venture will manufacture automotive filters for all types of vehicles. With this joint venture, Steelbird plans to expand its manufacturing operations in Bangladesh.

    Steelbird was founded in 1964 with a small investment and has since expanded into a global company. Today, it is recognized globally as a premier original equipment manufacturer.

    Managing Director, Pankaj Kapur, shares the company’s journey and vision for the future. Steelbird International, one of India’s largest automotive components manufacturers is currently targeting a 30% year-on-year growth for FY23. With over 5000 touchpoints in India, Steelbird serves a wide customer base.

    While about 60% of the company’s demand comes from the north, it hopes to expand its network into southern and western markets. Steelbird International has manufacturing facilities in Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, and Noida.

    It is also looking to establish partnerships with technology companies to expand its product offering. It is anticipated that the demand for parts for electric vehicles will be similar to those for gas-powered vehicles.

    Another major announcement from Steelbird International is the partnership with Cybellum Technologies, a cybersecurity company. The partnership will help automotive manufacturers to develop systems that are compliant with global cybersecurity standards. This partnership will help Indian OEMs secure their products from cyberattacks.

    The company has been in business for 55 years and has developed expertise in research, design, and manufacturing.
    In addition, it has an impressive portfolio of OEMs and Aftermarket customers. Its products are used in the manufacturing of cars, motorcycles, and other transportation equipment. As a result, Steelbird is an established leader in the automotive component industry.


    Trading Of Counterfeit Products In The Aftermarket Is Jeopardizing The Indian Auto Components Industry

    Trading Of Counterfeit Products In The Aftermarket Is Jeopardizing The Indian Auto Components Industry

    The selling of counterfeit goods and products under the name of reputed brands not only brings the immense financial loss to the original brands but also poses a great threat to the Indian economy.

    The Indian auto components aftermarket is expected to touch 75552 crores by FY19-20 as estimated by Automotive Components Manufacturers Association of India. However, the counterfeit business in the auto industry, which is growing at an alarming rate, slows down the growth and development of organized players in the market. The selling of counterfeit goods and products under the name of reputed brands not only brings the immense financial loss to the original brands but also poses a great threat to the Indian economy. After all, the hefty revenue generated by large-scale production and marketing of counterfeit products, which are 30-40% cheaper, but of poor quality, does not even contribute to government taxes.

    The fake auto parts such as a clutch, lamps, steering arm, bearings, filters, and brake linings for two-wheelers, cars, and buses labeled under the name of genuine auto component manufacturers are supplied to the dealers and marketers all over the country. The reduced versions of original parts easily available at low-costs allure the unaware retail dealers, mechanics, and the end-consumers. The lack of adequate means to put the counterfeit businesses by the brands, lack of consumer awareness, and the ineffective surveillance and law enforcement on the trading of fake auto components fortify this widening grey market. While genuine brands suffer the damaged reputation and financial loss, the end consumers have to deal with fatal road accidents and severe injuries caused by the fake auto parts fitted in their vehicles. Basically, the counterfeit business in auto component industry drives all the stakeholders of the market towards a loss in different forms.

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