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Rubber Dampers

Rubber Dampers are designed to reduce the transmission of shock to the surrounding structure. The moving parts of a machine breakdown easily when vibration affects the parts and rubber dampers helps in reducing vibration and noise to ensure the smooth running of the vehicle.


  • Longer Machine Life
  • Provides stability, comfort and safety
  • Improves efficiency as noise, vibration are eliminated.

Why SteelBird International Rubber Dampers?

Holding for over 50 years of experience with well-designed plant layout process and optimally performing machines, SteelBird International has set the standard across India for dependability and reliability. We are a quality driven team providing best rubber dampers to our clients and customers at affordable prices. We provide custom rubber damper for bike and other two wheeler to consistently meet all your blueprint specifications. The trust, loyalty and credibility of many customers maks us the best rubber damper manufacturer in India.