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Rubber O’Ring

Rubber O Rings are gaskets that are used in sealing connections and joints in tubes. The doughnut-shaped loop designed O ring helps in preventing the passage of liquids or gases. O Ring can be made of silicone, rubber, polyurethane with rubber being the most commonly used in the automobile industry. The O Ring sizes are specifically made to cover the joints and connections, ensuring that no outside particle can enter inside.


  • Rubber O Rings can withstand a serious amount of wear and tear
  • Rubber O Rings resist aggressive fluids
  • Rubber O Rings  can sustain good compression set properties. can sustain high pressure and temperature.

Why SteelBird International Rubber O’Rings?

SteelBird International manufacture and supply all products of persistent high quality. With over 50 years of experience in automobile field, we are a leading rubber o rings manufacturers providing you the best quality at an affordable price. The well designed streamlined process and plant layout with the trust and loyalty from many customers makes us the best o rings manufacturer in India. From the minute to the largest required in your automobile, Steelbird International manufactures different O Ring Sizes for your ease.