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Rubber Oil seal are components that fit on pipes and valves for sealing oil inside the required compartments. They act as a barrier to liquids and gases from escaping and prevents oil leakage. Rubber Oil Seal can easily withstand high level of pressure and temperature making them the most preferred materials for oil seal.


  • Can be easily changed into different shape and size
  • Have superior ozone resistance
  • Can sustain high pressure and temperature
  • Have excellent mechanical strength

Why SteelBird Rubber Oil Seal?

We are a recognized leading oil seal manufacturers in India with over 50 years of experience in the field of rubber and filter industry. We cover a variety of oil seal types and size to suit your application.The well-designed planned layouts, optimally performing machines, the streamlined process all plays a vital role in consistently delivering high quality products to our customers. Our positive relation between sales and quality with the trust and loyalty of many customers makes us the best oil seal manufacturer in the automobile industry.