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SteelBird Timeline


This was the year of commencement of Steelbird marked by the launch of its core product till date, Filters (for two wheelers as well as four wheelers). In due course of time, the contract signed between Steelbird and Royal Enfield for OE supply proved to be a significant milestone.


After producing filters for 13 years, the company now diversified its production and engaged into producing auto accessories. The launch of the first ‘Fiber Glass Helmet’ saw the safety of Indian roads taken to new heights. Still, the Steelbird helmets are counted among the best helmets produced for safety.


The quest of the company didn’t end with helmets. It then launched ‘Rubber Parts.’ With more than 1000 types of rubber parts produced, Steelbird geared up for complete dominance in the aftermarket and the position is still hold today.


The year 1982 saw Steelbird group launching ‘Floor Mats’ of automobiles. This production enabled the company to enjoy a significant share in the market


The diversification of the company continued and this time they took it to next step launching ‘Pannier Boxes’. Such diversification enabled the company to enjoy undisputed respect from market. Quality of previous productions never got compromised with new launches.


With increasing two wheelers and automobiles on roads, Steelbird then eyed on to manufacture electronic parts of them. The company launched state-of-the-art electronic parts including rectifiers, regulators, pick up coils and CDIs.


Steelbird introduced plastic components in the market. They started manufacturing scooter indicators, magnet fan crowns, housing nose etc.


This year witnessed collaboration with a foreign company. STEELBIRD and BIEFFE an Italian leader of helmet manufacturer tied up for professional collaboration.


The new millennium saw a period of renaissance at STEELBIRD. After nearly 40 glorious years in automobile sector, Steelbird branched into Resin Stained Glass under the brand 1st Formula Creation (FFC).


Immediately after one year of Resin Stained Glass production, it tied up with CADRAM Ltd. (U.K.) to address qualitative issues.


A fully automated state-of-the-art facility is set up in a Special Economic Zone covering more than 25,000 Sq. feet carpet Area in Pantnagar, Uttrakhand in the vicinity of some of the biggest OEM’s Plants in the country. This plant was set up in sync with plans to manufacture rubber parts in OE and for overseas markets. The plant was set up for voluminous production with the increasing demand of Steelbird rubber parts.


The year 2011 has been marked by the setting up a new plant to meet the exponential rise for the demand for Steelbird products. The new plant, also located in Pantnagar is going to double up the production capacity to meet the projected requirements.


Steelbird ventured into healthcare by acquiring Wellness Pathcare, an elite wellness and healthcare service company with the purpose to extend affordable, accurate, accredited pathology services to Indian citizens.


A significant year where the company launched the Steelbird Tyres segment, completing the panel of rubber component production in two-wheelers.

Steelbird inaugurates another plant in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand to fulfill the ever expanding production needs of Steelbird products.

SteelBird Timeline